Hello and welcome! The following are images of some of the sculptures that I currently have for sale. I will do my best to keep this page updated to remove those which are sold and to add images of new work. Each piece is a signed, original, one-of-a-kind sculpture (except as noted for one or two which are cast in bronze as limited editions). I will be glad to provide a Certificate of Authenticity with each purchase. Many of the sculptures shown can be more fully appreciated from close-up views of details and pictures made from other angles ... I will be happy to send you more information and additional images of any work that you are interested in.

You can click on any image to see an enlargement of it.

For more information on any of my work, please contact me at 803-252-6134 or 803-733-5605 or at sculpture808@yahoo.com

To purchase a sculpture, simply contact me by telephone or email ... I will tell you what the total price is including shipping. You can pay with any major credit card or bank transfer to my PayPal account. You do not need to have a PayPal account, yourself, to use their payment service, and it is completely secure.

This sculpture is called Night Mare. Not that she is actually scary, but the glaze reminded me of a nighttime sky. It is a blend of dark brown, blue, and a bit of purple - with tiny yellowish spots scattered like stars. Her bridle rein  is loose and hangs to the floor, symbolizing to me freedom from being controlled by others. 

Dimensions: 23"x7"x7"   Material: ceramic and chain    Price:  $400.

This sculpture was created using the same sculpting technique as the pieces shown below, but the character of the piece is very different. The figure represents the evolution of humans from earlier primates through modern man. The lower part of the body is chimp-like, obviously; the middle portion shows a human holding an armload of items that represent humans' inventions through time (a book (printing), an airplane, a medical staff, and the like). Finally the head is robotic-appearing, and the back of the head shows a computer board and wires where the brain would normally be found.

I think the sculpture is very funny, while still communicating a serious message. 

Height: 16."     Price: $400.

Here are two more images from the series of abstracted figures that I mentioned earlier. The one on the left has a gray and green finish that looks like stone or maybe weathered bronze. The lower one is black with a red "patina" on it.

I view all the pieces in this series as representing a person's struggle with how to deal with a serious problem in his/her life. The title of the series says it all:  "Is it Better to Remember of to Forget?" Everyone has come up against difficult situations and personal losses in life. What is the best way to deal with them over time ... to forget about them or to continue to remember and struggle with them?

These two pieces both have a stylized snake that extends up the figure's spine and onto his/her head - symbolizing the persistence of memory in our lives. Contact me if you would like to see additional views of the sculptures.   Price $400 each.   Height: 16"

 I have entitled this sculpture "Red and Black like Jazz." It is made from terra cotta clay, obviously, with a random design in a black glaze called antique pewter. I like the dramatic contrast between the two colors as well as the fact that one is glossy and the other has a satin- finish created by waxing the red clay. The figure's body language and facial expression suggests that she is deep in thought about something, but she's not saying what it is!

It stands about 22" tall and is priced at $400.

And now for something a little bit different ... this summer I took a workshop in "Openwork Stained Glass," working in three dimensions in stained glass rather than creating the usual flat panel. This is one of the pieces I made in the class. I think it is quite pretty and am thinking about continuing to do some work in stained glass - although clay is still my favored medium at this point. Or maybe I can find a way to combine the two. I do have a few ideas in that direction already. No price on this piece ... just let me know if you like it and see a future for me with similar works.

This is a new piece that I am showing in my gallery for the first time. I've been working on a series of these blocky figures, and this is the first one completely finished ... I'll be posting images of others in the future.

The figure is abstractly stylized but still suggests an emotional meaning through its body language. I believe that the more abstract a work of art is, the more difficult it is to communicate emotional meaning with it. Thus, I am pleased that (in my opinion) this sculpture manages to walk a fine line between abstraction and realism.

The finish on it is a satiny black surface created with layers of paints and waxes. The rusty-red touches give it an aged look, while at the same time accenting the shapes and lines of the piece. I'll be happy to send additional views of the work if you are interested in seeing them. Size: about 11" tall.

Price: $350

I must have been in a fishy mood lately, because I have created three new fish-themed sculptures. One of them is already sold, so you will have to look in my "Gallery" blog to see it. The other two are shown here. The one to the left is of three angel fish or zebra fish (I'm not really trying to create authentic fish ... I'm just going for the humorous and decorative here.) Anyway, I think this trio has a lot of character. Each fish is fully 3-dimensional and rests on its own post. In fact, you can swivel them around slightly to change their orientation if you wish. Created of white earthenware and a dark pewter (almost black) glaze. The eyes are painted in with underglaze. Custom stand included in the price of $250.

I've decided to try something new! Something that combines my love of working with ceramics with additional dimensions of motion and color. This is a standing mobile, or a "stabile," if you prefer, whose base is a hand-built ceramic piece and whose mobile parts are made of wire, wood, and ceramic.

Designing a mobile requires a whole new set of criteria, including the visual balance of the piece as a whole, considering the sizes and shapes of its parts, their colors, and their arrangement with respect to each other and the base. And then they keep moving and changing all the time! But then, that's the whole point of a mobile ... the slightest movement of air around them will set it in motion. The effect is fascinating, but it sure makes it a challenge to design a successful one. I learned an awful lot in doing this first one (many revisions along the way), making the next one, which is already in progress, go easier (I hope!)

Mobiles are almost synonymous with Alexander Calder, of course. He was a prolific artist, creating many paintings, sculptures, mobiles, and even jewelry. I greatly admire his work and draw inspiration from it but make a conscious effort not to copy it

The stabile you see here is larger than it probably looks; it's about 25" tall overall, with the ceramic base being about 17". The airiness of mobiles and stabiles makes it difficult to gauge their dimensions from a photograph, I think.

I plan to show this piece in an exhibition in a couple of months; in the meantime it is for sale for $395.
Ariel - a slightly abstracted female figure - head back, hair blowing out. Bronze casting in a limited edition of five. Contact me and I will send you additional views of her.

Medium: bronze, lost wax process
Dimensions: about 22" tall
Price: $1300
Segmented bowl - purely artistic; not functional for food. The finish is a lovely peach-colored terra sigillata buffed to a satiny glow.
Medium: earthenware ceramic
Dimensions: about 15" long
Price: $125
Yikes! Spikes! - fantasy flowers in black and white. The base spikes are white-on-white gloss and matte stripes, and the black spikes are made of fuzzy pipe cleaners with bright yellow tips. Altogether a lot of fun!

Medium: earthenware ceramic
Dimensions: about 25" tall
Price: $395

Eye-ris - an arrangement of fantasy flowers, each with a glass eye protruding from it. Hand painted finish.

Medium: earthenware ceramic
Dimensions: about 22" tall
Price: $395
Blue Adluh - an abstract representation of the Adluh Flour buildings, an iconic landmark in downtown Columbia, SC. They aren't blue in real life ... I just like the rhyming title.

Medium: earthenware ceramic on walnut base
Dimensions: the base is about 16" wide
Price: $400

Lifelines - a series of portraits of elderly men and women, each poignant in its expression and meaning. The series was inspired by personal events in my own life and provided a way for me to work through some intense emotions. See the next image for a detailed view of one portrait.

Medium: earthenware ceramic
Dimensions: about 10" tall
Price: $250 each, including shadowbox frame
Arctic Patrol - in honor of one of my favorite creatures, the polar bear. I do worry about their future, though, given the ongoing degradation of their specialized habitat.

Medium: earthenware
Dimensions: figure about 9" long
Price: $200.